Money-Saving Secrets When Planning a Funeral

Arranging a funeral for a deceased loved one is not that easy. Despite the burden you carry in your heart, you still need to keep a straight mind in order to make better decisions for the funeral.

Who wouldn’t want to make the remaining days of their loved one special and memorable? Most of us would go beyond great lengths and even spend more just to make the funeral special. If you’re aiming for a budget-friendly funerals Perth, funeral directors share these money-saving tips that don’t compromise the quality of the funeral.

Avoid Paying in Advance

While we think it’s convenient for us to pay for a funeral in advance, most advisers don’t recommend doing this. When a funeral home gets out of business, all your payment will go to waste. However, you can choose to save your money in a pay-on-death bank account.

Veterans Are Special

Veterans get special treatment on their burial. Aside from free burial services, they will also be laid to rest in a special burial ground for honourable veterans only. There are some cemeteries that also offer free burial services for a veteran’s spouse.

Budget-Friendly Casket Options

If you’re worried about the price of caskets or simply want a more environment-friendly product, consider casket rentals. A thick cardboard container holds the body inside the casket which is then removed during burial. You can also buy cheaper caskets direct from the manufacturers at a lower price.

Embalming is Not That Necessary

If you’re planning to have the viewing for only a few days, skipping the embalming process can cut a fraction off your expenses. You only need a funeral home that offers a refrigerated holding room to keep the body in good shape.

Skip Protective Caskets

Those expensive caskets with rubber gaskets don’t really protect the dead. In fact, it encourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria that causes a watery decomposition process. In some cases, caskets explode due to the trapped gases inside.

Ask for Low-Cost Caskets

Most funeral homes display all those good-looking, embellished caskets that are way expensive compared to simple ones. If you don’t find low-priced caskets on the display, don’t hesitate to ask if they have one. Mostly, they just have it in the stockroom.

Check the Details on a Package

Funeral package deals make planning easier. While there may be a few affordable deals available, it always pays to check the detailed list of services included in the package. There might be some services that you don’t need and you can cross them out to cut on expenses.

Funeral Directors, Morticians and Undertakers

They might have different titles but they all do the same thing. They are the ones who receive the dead, processing and preparing the body for the service and burying or cremating the dead.

Make Service More Personal

You don’t need to spend a lot to give your deceased loved one a special and memorable service. You can do it at home or on your loved one’s favourite place.

Planning a funeral doesn’t need to be expensive. What matters most is how you and your guests help each other to ease the grief.

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